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Обращение к левым активистам против саммита "большой восьмерки в Генуе"

Dear friends!

After Seattle, Prague and Quebec next big protest against capitalist globalisation is going to take place in Genova, Italy. This Italian city was chosen as a meeting place for 8 most powerful state leaders "G-8", promoting neo-liberal agenda and capitalist globalisation. One of the important aspects of this meeting is that it includes the participation of the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Putin goes to Genova from the country which continues to fight a war in Chechnya and he will represent the government that is proposing a new labour code which will include child labour and 12-hours working day. Press freedon as well as minorities rights are under attack in Putin's Russia. This very same administration insists on importing radioactive waste into the country. Promising to pay Russian debts to Western countries, Putin's government tries to make even poorer countries to pay their debts to Russia.

In this situation it is very important to have a Russian contingent among the protesters. There is no shortage of activists ready to go to Genova but unlike Russian nouvaux riches they don't have the money to go abroad: foreign travel is a luxury in today's Russia.

The expenses include renting a bus in Kiev, bringing people to Genova and back, paying for the visas, food etc. In Seattle Western organisations helped the representatives of the Third World countries to arrive to the place. This time it will be appropriate to help Russian and Ukrainian activists to go. About $4,500 is needed to get people to Genova, almost half of this money already collected.

Mr. Putin will show in Genova his solidarity with G-7 in bringing more suffering to the world. Russian contingent must come to show solidarity of ordinary people in Russia with those who fight for a different world. Your donations will help to bring forward the struggle.

With warmest regards,

Boris Kagarlitsky

Ilya Budraitskis , member of EC of the Movement for the Workers Party

Please, send your letters about your help to goboka@online.ru and budrabm@df.ru




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