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Russian antiglobalists actions on May 25-28

On Mai, 25, the day of arrival President of USA J.Bush in our city, the Committee of United Actions has organnized the meeting-picket of protest by International press-center. We carried it out in spite of authorities demand presented in the night before 25 May, i.e. obviouslly illegal, - to cancel it. More as 80 activists with many placards, on which were anti-imperialist slogans in Russian and English, particiated. There were the representatives of RPK, of left independent trade unions, of movement "Alternatives", social-democrats, of one KPRF districtorganization, of the Federation of Socialist Youth, of youth KPRF'organization, of other youth organizations, of anarchists. Comrade Ye. Kozlov as co-chairman of the Committee of United Actions and comrade Vladimir Soloveichik, the vice-secretary of Executive Committee of RPK led the meeting. Among man Putin's foreign policy accordingly to the leaflet we spread there. Here is its text: "We did not call they! Putin and Bush arrive to our city on Saterday, 25.Mai. Now, since RF, supporting pretensious of United States on the world domination, has at half in NATO, the leaders of "world states", slightly relaxing, demonstrate us their touching solidarity. But we cannot solidaridate ourself with the acts of international terrorism carried out by USA in Serbia and Afganistan. The plans of military actions against sovereign states of Asia aand Africa about which Bush's administration has declared summon only the anger and the loathing by all normal people.

And only Putin-Put is ready to greet the world jendarme as own best friend. He is ready for this friendship to shut eyes and on new coin of military drive, and on new military bases of USA near Russian borders, and on discriminate measures in relation of Russian-American trade.

Putin and Bush are in unity in their policy, which name - IMPERIALISM - in last time mass-media have finally forgotten. In the base of their union lays the support of US imperialist policy above the world at all in exchange for the freedom of hands of Russia as youngest partner of USA in zone of CIS.

But Bush - it is far not all America (as also Putin is quite not all Russia!). We excellently know that there is also other America - the country of multithousand anti-war movement, the country of workers strikes given the beginning of the First May, the country, by mass mobilization in Seattle began that what to-day mass-media call as "anti-globalization movement". And when Putin demonstrates his unity with Bush, we claim our solidarity with those Americans who stands up against to any imperialism and does not consider Bush as "their own". We solidaridate with them as well as we solidaridate with all participants of anti-imperialist struggle independent from colour of their skin and nationality.

That is why we claim our protest against Bush's visit in our city and Putin-Bush "friendship". We know well that cannot be free that people which oppreses other people. And we are not single in our struggle.

The Committee of United Actions for Defence of Social and Labour Rights of S-Petersburg Citizens" Then we came out on the Nevsky prospect and joined to the picket of RKRP. And after it some comrades directed themself to the State University, where at 15 o'clock began Bush's and Putin's meet with students. The other group near 19 o'clock came on Theater square: both president couples in that time have to come in Mariinsky theater on the ballet. As by University, so on the Theater sq. special services began to delay activists. At whole 50 people were delayed. And if by University the arrests were carried out after that as a group of young men from so-called National-Bolshevik Party and from Federation of Socialist Youth attempts to break cordons, then on the Theater sq. comrade Ye. Kozlov and happened near him comrade Igor Gotlib (Leningrad coordinator of "Alternatives") as also some young activists were caught as comrade Kozlov began to throw the leaflets (see above).

And if the majority after some hours (but more than 3 lawful hours) was discharged before the trial, then some activists, and among them the members of Committee of United Actions Ye. Kozlov, I. Gotlib, M. Drughininskiy (the leader of trade union organization of tram workers) and G. Popov (the chairman of Federation of Socialist Youth) have been under arrest about 40 hours. We appeals against the arbitrary actions of authorities and against the decision of the court mechanically turned out the false militia reports. So appeared not before the court the authors of militia report indicated on laughable reason of the delay of comrades Kozlov and Gotlib: supposedly "they have the obscene words against both presidents yelled".

At Tuesday, Mai 28 also in Moskow were delayed 27 participants of the meeting against capitalist globalization, particular against summit ES-Russia. Among arrested in Moskow were Ilya Budraitskis (KRI), Andrey Demidov ("Alternatives") and others.

7.06.2002 г.  


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