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International Conference against deregulation of social sphere and
for the defence of the rights of hired workers
in Berlin on February, 21-24, 2002.

Approximately 400 delegates from 51 countries were participated. Russia was represented on this conference by 5 delegates. There are of them are members of RPK. Two our delegates - comrade Vladimir Soloveichik (the vice-secretary of Executive Committee of RPK) and comrade Leonid Petrov (the chairman of Trade Union of railway electricians of Russia North-West) spoked on the plenary sittings. Their speecchs concerned not only the common situation in Russia, in its left and trade unions movements, but also the concrete activity of International Committee against privatization of raiways, which was founded in Repino, near S-Petersburg, on November 3-4,2001. Alongside Berlin Conference two sessions of this Committee took place. Now there with representatives of Germany, Great Britain, Russia and France work also their comrades from Brazil, South Korea, Slovenia and Switzerland. The concrete measures of Committee are planned.

The Conference has adopted the special resolution of solidarity with the Co-chairman of the Committee of united actions for the defence of social and labour rights of citizens of Sankt-Petersburg and Leningrad oblast and the Secretary of EC of RPK E. Kozlov, whom German authorities failed in issue the visa. So I couldn't participating in the Berlin Conference.

1.03.2002 г.  


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