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Everyday Life in a Police State: Police Arbitrariness

On March, 18, police dispersed a demonstration being held on the Fields of Mars against the globalization of capitalism and in light of the presence of the heads of state of those governments that are the agressors in globalization for St. Peterburg's 300th anniversary celebrations. The attack occurred despite the fact that the demonstration had only an informational purpose. Several demonstrators were beaten and arrested, including V. Leonov - a deputy to the Leningrad Oblast Legislative Assembly, E. Kozlov and V. Soloveychik - leaders of the Russian Party of Communists, and many members of the National Bolshevik Party and those of the Socialist Youth Federation. Members of the press there to cover the demonstration were confronted by "persons in civilian uniform" in order to ensure that nothing went reported. Those arrested are being held in police station 79 in Admiralty Region and are being threatened with up to two weeks detention.


18 May 2003   Leningrad


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