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First Yugoslav Conference of Communist and Workers' parties held

The First Yugoslav Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties has been held in Belgrade on March 26 and 27. There were present representatives of five political parties: Croatian Communists, Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, League of Communists of Yugoslavia in Serbia, League of Communists of Yugoslavia - Communists of Montenegro and Renewed Communist Party of Macedonia. Representatives of the Independent Communist Board of Slovenia were not able to attend the meeting, so they sent a message of greetings and support.

Participants discussed about social situation in their countries, state of workers' and leftist movement and their activities and experiences. It was affirmed our knowledge that Yugoslav nations live in very similar and hard social circumstances, without basic human and social rights, in poverty and economically destroyed countries. Workers' movement is at the very beginning of its organizing, workers without necessary experience and strength. The role of communists is, as we concluded, to become the most active part of this newly borned movement. Participants presented their activities in cooperation with trade unions, other civic organizations as well as their efforts to achieve solid electoral results. Regarding the tactics for further actions, Yugoslav communists have concluded that their parties do not accept parliaments as basic arena for their struggle, nor they plan to limit it only on parliamentary elections. Cooperation with trade unions and activity through various organizations and civic associations would be best method for establishing contacts with masses and propaganda of communist programme.

Yugoslav communists also expressed their attachment to idea of Yugoslavia and renewal of Yugoslav state. Anti-nationalist position of all delegates at the Conference was clearly and doubtless expressed. The Commission with task of drafting declaration on further integrations of Yugoslav states and nations was formed. This draft declaration will then be submitted to leading bodies of all communist and workers' parties for approval.

In order to exchange information and meet sympathizers and other citizens with their initiatives and real situation in their countries, representatives of communist and workers' parties decided to organize joint activities on the terrain of propaganda, political action and information, including joint Internet and printed projects.

The Conference also decided to establish the Coordinating Board of the Communist and Workers' Parties, whose members will become presidents of communist and workers' parties or their deputies. This Board will have to coordinate activities of parties and organize various kinds of joint activities. The chairman of the Board is not permanent so president of every party will get chance to preside the Board. Goran Markovic, President of the Main Board of the Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was elected first chairman of the Coordinating Board.

Apr, 6, 2005  


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