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President of the Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina
won his case in front of the Court

President of the Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina Goran Markovic, master of law and political sciences, has been employed at Slobomir P University in Bijeljina as a teaching assistant. He was fired from that working position as politically unacceptable after he headed his party's electoral list on municipal elections last October, which was not pleased to the University owner, well known Chicago businessman and millionaire Slobodan Pavlovic. Despite pressures to abandon his political activity and recommendations to write a repentant letter in that sense, in order to be amnestied and preserved at his working position, Markovic didn't surrendered, so Pavlovic himself told him that as a communist he could not any longer work on his university because "as a communist he is not fit to educate children".

After being expelled from the University Goran Markovic decided to sue his employer in front of the municipal court in Bijeljina. At the same time, he informed world progressive political and university publicity about this case. He received many letters of support and protest letters were also sent to the University authorities. The protesters were communist parties, trade unions and university professors from Greece, Russia, Romania, USA, Belgium, Scotland and Argentina. Members of the European Parliament who belong to the Communist Party of Greece presented this case of violence of basic human rights at the session of this body. Embassies of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Hungary and Greece as well as Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina were also informed and protest letters were sent to them.

Very influential daily "Euro Blic" reported about the court trial in its issue from 30 November and the journalist of most influential daily from Sarajevo "Daily Voice" also sent his report. After that comrade Markovic spoke about this case in very influential talk show on Television of Republic of Srpska called "Under the Carpet".

The court has done its job relatively quickly and professionally. Despite the fact that representatives of the University neglected that the expulsion of Markovic was an act of political discrimination during their testimonies they practically approved that. The court decided that the expulsion was unlawful although it did not insist on the fact of political discrimination but rather on formal and material illegal activities of the University authorities having in mind that formally the reason for expulsion was not Markovic political activity. At the end it is necessary to send expressions of deep gratitude to all comrades who expressed their solidarity, sent protest and solidarity letters, signed solidarity resolutions or engaged themselves in various initiatives and organizations in order to help Goran Markovic. This was very important moral support.

  Bijeljina, 25th December 2005


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